Sims Pacific Metals can collect scrap in larger quantities that may not be suitable for one of our bins, for example long length roofing iron, a site clear out of old machinery or an old tractor on your farm.

All of our branches operate self-loading vehicles that can come to your site and pick up your loose scrap.

If the scrap is too big or heavy for our self-loaders, we can organise trucks and cranes to come and pick it up.  For really bulky or heavy items, for example a water tank or old mining equipment, we can send a team to cut it up into smaller pieces to fit whichever truck is best suited to take it away. 

For reasonable amounts of bulky scrap like whiteware or car bodies etc, we can even bring a mobile baler or car flattener to your site to keep freight costs as low as possible. 

Please contact us to discuss what we can do for you.
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