About us

Get paid to recycle your scrap metal


Sims Pacific Metals provides expert scrap metal recycling services to all of New Zealand. With our established national presence we are uniquely placed to deliver exceptional outcomes and unrivalled profitability to all our customers across the country. Our robust systems, modern technology and dedicated health and safety practices allow us to lead the way with service in every capacity.

Sims Pacific Metals operates nine scrap metal recycling centres located throughout the country that buys scrap metal and turns it into raw materials for manufacturing operations both in New Zealand and around the world.

Sims Pacific Metals is able to provide local or regional recycling solutions. Our experienced team will work with you to understand your scrap metal recycling needs, implementing customised solutions to make it easy to recycle, and maximising the revenue for all your scrap metal.

Sims Pacific Metals is part of the Sims Metal Management Group, the world’s leading publicly listed metal recyler, with operations across five continents, including the USA, Australia and the UK.

We adhere to strict industry safety and environmental practices to satisfy stringent regulatory requirements. Sims Pacific Metals has a strong commitment to the environment, sustainability and the health of the communities in which we do business. In all aspects of the business, we strive to implement best practices and the ideals of our Safety, Health, Environment, Community and Sustainability (SHECS) Policy. We take seriously our efforts to be a good community and environmental partner.

Sims Pacific Metals is a proud member of the New Zealand Association of Metal Recyclers.