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48 Wickham Street, Bromley

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Your Local Scrap Metal Recyclers

Our accessible, tidy and well organised yard is here to make your scrap metal recycling experience as enjoyable and hassle-free as possible.  We aim to deliver the highest levels of customer service and adhere to the very best health and safety standards across all aspects of our business.  If you have scrap metal to drop off, our respectful and friendly team are here to help you unload, get weighed and get paid.  If you have larger amounts of scrap metal that is too big for you to drop off, then we can offer a dedicated pickup service.  We always go out of our way to give every customer an enjoyable experience and get the very best recycling deals.  For more information or to get paid for your scrap metal please call us on 0800 226 626 or 03 384 4059.

Sims Pacific Metals Suzanne Bilsborough

Suzanne Billsborough
Christchurch Representative

021 908 403

Suzanne is an excellent trade rep.  With 20 years experience in the scrap metal industry, she is expertly poised to offer practical and reliable advice on any metal recycling service you need.  An expert in getting things done, Suzanne knows the market and how to get the very best deals for all her customers. Originally from the United Kingdom, Suzanne is proud to call Christchurch home.  She loves her job and loves meeting new people every single day.  If you have any scrap metal that needs recycling, Suzanne will get you paid the very best rate, on time.

Brendan Gould

Brendan Gould
Christchurch Representative

p: 027 809 2405

A problem solver and practical man, Brendan is a friendly, reliable and hardworking rep who loves helping his customers get the best deal for their scrap metal.  If you have any questions about any scrap metal you need recycling, give Brendan a call and he will do everything he can to help you recycle it.