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Sims Bins

Our ‘Sims Bins’ come in all shapes and sizes.
We can safely drop these off at your site and come and collect when you are ready saving you time and hassle.
We can even do custom sized bins to fit in those spots where a normal sized bin won’t.
Fill them up with your scrap metal, and we’ll take it off your hands and pay you for it.

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Our Bins Come in All Shapes & Sizes

200L Drum

Perfect for smaller quantities or types of steel or non-steel metals and by-products where space is tight and easy access is required.

1 meter Industrial Square Bin

Typically used for smaller pieces of metal such as:
Aluminium off-cuts, brass and copper items, insulated copper wire
steel off-cuts, aluminium or steel swarf and stainless steel.

2m Industrial Square Bin

Typically used for heavy car parts, engineering workshops, aluminium fabricators, or any other metals that are too big to fit in a 1m bin including:
larger aluminium off-cuts, brass and copper items, insulated copper wire
steel off-cuts, aluminium or steel swarf, stainless steel and any other bulkier metals that won’t fit in the 1m bin.

Skip Bin

Good for steel sheets, car parts, steel offcuts, stainless steel, bulky aluminium, steel machine punchings, steel plates and perfect for sites where space doesn’t allow a bigger bin.

15m Hook Bin

Good for larger pieces of steel such as:
Automotive parts and motors, loose rebar, lighter gauge steel, heavier demolition materials, heavy pipe, lengths of I-beams.

30m Hook Bin

Good for transfer stations, recycling centres, car wreckers, light demolition material, construction sites, or anywhere that has house hold appliances for recycling.

Custom Sized Bins

In some case, we can even make a custom bin specifically for your space and needs.  This might include lockable lids, wheels, certified lifting joints or a completely new size.


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COVID-19 Alert

From Thursday, the 14th of May, Sims Pacific Metals will be able to resume door trade with all of our customers. This means you will be able to bring your scrap metal in for recycling and payment.

The safety of our customers and employees remains a high priority and in accordance with government protocol, we will be adhering to all level 2 conditions. This includes social distancing of 2 meters while at any of our branches, and given the risks of sharing personal protective equipment, it will be appreciated if customers could please ensure they are wearing closed footwear (no jandals or exposed toes) and bring their own gloves & PPE.

We acknowledge that our processes may create some temporary inconveniences, however, the ongoing health and well-being of all persons associated with Sims Pacific Metals remains our primary focus.

Please visit our COVID-19 page here for more information. Thank you for your understanding.